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The system often forgets children of people with cancer; here’s how to help them
Every year  around 21,000 teenagers and young adults  in Australia are told their parent has cancer. The need to care for their parents often disrupts these young people’s efforts for increased social, emotional and financial independence. Young people a...
Pandora Patterson
Help Your Children Learn About Cancer in Their Language
Cancer is difficult for any family, but when language is also a barrier, it can be far more challenging for children to understand. Camp Quality’s Kids’ Guide to Cancer can help your children learn about cancer in their own language while answering their...
5 Things I Wish I'd Known When My Daughter was Diagnosed with Cancer
I am a mother of an amazing young lady who, in 2017 at the age of 13, was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive cancer - Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm (BPDCN). At the time she was to our knowledge the only active paediatric case...
Kerrilee Hall
Worry me this, Worry me that!
What's in your young person's head? It goes without saying that many people don’t know what’s happening in their kids heads – and this is particularly true for when they are in the teenage and young adult space. Often what can happen is that cancer will...
Toni Lindsay
Life interrupted: young people need help moving forward after cancer
Around 1,000 teens and young Australian adults are  diagnosed with cancer  each year. It’s well known the disease has an immense physical and psychological impact on these young people. But the ongoing challenges of life after cancer treatment are less...
Pandora Patterson
Communicating with Children about Your Advanced Cancer
Sharing Thoughts on tackling the tough communication issues with kids. I am privileged to work with an amazing group of women dealing with advanced breast cancer. Talking their children about what this diagnosis means is one of the toughest things any to...
Helping your child cope with their sibling's life limiting illness
My first child Danica was born in 1994 and my second child Tristan was born in 1996 when Danica was just 22 months old. For 22 months Danica was our only child, the light of our lives and she had our total undivided attention. I knew that things would...
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