Help Your Children Learn About Cancer in Their Language


Cancer is difficult for any family, but when language is also a barrier, it can be far more challenging for children to understand. Camp Quality’s Kids’ Guide to Cancer can help your children learn about cancer in their own language while answering their big questions about cancer.

Kids’ Guide to Cancer is a free app and website resource that helps parents, grandparents and carers explain cancer and treatments to children with age-appropriate information and easy to understand graphics and videos.

The resource is available in four new languages: Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin and Hindi, and includes educational information to answer all the questions children have about cancer, including:

-        What is cancer?

-        What are the different types of cancer?

-        What medicines and treatments are there?

-        Who will help you?

-        How can I help you?

There are also personal stories from other children to help yours feel less alone.

The Kids’ Guide to Cancer aims to help improve health outcomes for multicultural communities facing a cancer diagnosis by empowering children and supporting families.

Access the Kids’ Guide to Cancer online.

Download the free app using the links below:

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