How You Can Help School Help Your Child When Your Partner Has Cancer


Once the school is aware of your partner's diagnosis, you can speak with them about the following supports they can tap into to help not only your child, but other students who may also be in a similar position. 

Recommend programs and resources 

Depending on the age of your child, tell the school about the programs and resources available from CanTeen and Camp Quality.  

  • CanTeen can deliver a tailored information session to staff or students (depending on your location), covering the impact of cancer and how the school can support the student affected by cancer. CanTeen also will send free resources to help friends and classmates better understand what your child is going through and how they can help. 
  • For children in pre-school and primary school Camp Quality’s free puppet shows explain cancer and treatment effects in their own language and encourage kids to be supportive of a classmate who has a mum, dad, brother or sister impacted by cancer. Schools can book directly or you can contact one of Camp Quality’s Family Liaison Coordinators on 1300 665 605 to ask them to contact the school.  

More advice/support 

Chat with a CanTeen counsellor (1800 835 932) who can give you more advice about how to approach the school and relevant programs/resources. 

Useful sites/resources 

CanTeen’s booklet Cancer affecting your students? We can help you support them details CanTeen’s programs and services to help schools support students who are affected by cancer.   

For a full list of Parenting through Cancer resources click here
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