Terminal brain cancer - dealing with emotions


Hi all! I’ve been trying to deal with things on my own as I usually do, but this situation is so different and I’m struggling for so many reasons.

I am a 47 year old single mum to 2 daughters, 16 & 21 years of age (the 21 yr old lives with me so therefore has had this situation thrust upon her). I have always been fit, healthy fun loving and a hard worker. After having a seizure whilst on holiday with friends in November 2020, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 (incurable) glioblastoma, or GBM (brain cancer). I had the surgery to remove the tumour straight away and now all they can do is give me treatment to try & extend my life expectancy. As you can imagine, I have gone through so many mood swings and thoughts. I just cannot stop thinking about the fact that I’m dying and my poor daughters are dealing with that added stress in their young lives.... just seems so unfair to everyone! It’s probably worse as I don’t have a partner to lean on.

Is anyone else feeling so helpless and depressed? I have moments of positivity as well, but it’s getting harder to stay strong for everyone.

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