The C Word


Hi my names bec im 36 with 3 beautiful kids. I was diagnoised with stage 1 bowel cancer last yr when i got told i had cancer i just cried to hear the word CANCER was a numbing feeling. I never though it would happen to me but it did i had mixed emotions and was numb to it not knowing what was next but not even what was next for me but for my kids. Will i get to see them go to high school or go from a kid to a adult or see them get married or have kids was all i could really think about.

Once i really sat down after all the tears and how i was gunna tell my kids it finally hit that i had the C word and i truely felt numb.

So how i prepared for it is quite a blur i guess i just put my big girl pants on and just took one day at a time to understand what was next and what it involved.

I had surgery on the 22nd of october 2019 i had a right hemicloctomy surgery went well and the cancer didnt spread so no chemo or radiation so i kinda got lucky for now, i am almost at my 1 yr mark. So what the future holds i dont know but for now im just enjoying life to the fullest and thank that im still here to see my kids grow.

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