Teenage Boy


Hi all,

I am here, to look for help. I’m actually lost my mum to cancer 2 1/2 years ago but am 29yrs old, so too old for the kids community. However my siblings were 14 and 21 when my mum passed.

My younger brother is the person I’m here for, he has just now turned 17. He is in absolute turmoil and heading down the wrong road, he does realise this thankfully. My dad isn’t really sure how to manage it all and also is trying to move on with his own life. (That’s another story)

Can anyone recommend any support for my brother? He has been to a canteen camp once before, he isn’t really keen to go on another camp. But does want to meet some people that have experienced a similar thing and are a bit more like minded. We are located in The South of Adelaide.

We don’t have any other family here as we are originally from the UK so the support is minimal. Also does anyone have any recommendations of any professional help of someone he could talk to that has been great with their teens?

I have 2 young daughters of my own and I just don’t know how else to support a teenage boy who doesn’t really talk much other than just be here for him when he needs me.

Does anyone else out there have a similar situation or perhaps a teenage boy that he could chat to?

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