My 24 year old has been diagnosed with Ricketts lymphoma


Hi all ! I’m not sure if I’m posting in the correct section but I want to share my story in the hope of getting it out of my system ! My 87 year old father died on 4th June 19 , the same day my son started showing unusual symptoms. Anyway , after a long 6 weeks justin was diagnosed with what they think is Rickitts lymphoma. Early in August he started 16 days of straight chemo , and boy I have never seen him so sick as I did last week . He had 3 med calls in a space of 24 hours due to a high heart rate and a very high temp of nearly 41! I have never been so scared in my whole entire life ! But the good news is he has come home for 3-4 nights tonight before he starts another 7 day chemo round . I know I am definitely not the only person to have a sick boy (albeit he is an adult ) but the feelings I have gone through since his diagnosis has been unbelievable. The thing I am finding very hard, is to not get upset and cry when I am with him in hospital - it doesn’t happen every time, but I find it very hard to say goodbye . I am an emotional person on the best of days but I’m feeling I’m worrying him- and quite basically I am the least of his worries ! I am a single mum to both my kids and have been for 11 years - their father has stepped up unbelievably and is doing everything I can’t as I work full time - we do have a very strained relationship - but slowly im hoping it will change - for our families sake !

Anyway I just needed to share my story and any comments or helpful strategies would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks for taking the time to read this ☺️

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