"Everyone who is sent a bowel cancer screening test should do it, even if they don’t have any symptoms."


Parents Jenny and Mark Awburn have shared their cancer experience with the Cancer Council.

Jenny says "In March 2014, just after his 50th birthday, my husband Mark received a National Bowel Screening test kit in the mail. I didn’t know much about the screening program, but when Mark asked me whether I thought he should do the test, I said “why not?” I didn’t think much of it at the time, but thank goodness he did the test – I’m pretty sure it ended up saving his life.

Mark is in remission now and has to have blood tests every three months and a CT scan once a year for five years. He had a colonoscopy one year after the surgery and a recent CT scan, both of which were all clear. I am confident that with all the treatment Mark had the cancer is now gone, but we can't be sure until five years have passed."

Read the full story on the Cancer Council website HERE.

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