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Ways to make your holiday celebrations accessible to people with disabilities and chronic illnesses
Here is a great article about how we can make our holiday celebrations more accessible: https://bit.ly/2RZvEh0 How do you handle illness or disability during the festive season?
Video: Tips for parenting through illness and COVID-19
Hi everyone, Parenting is tough enough without adding cancer to the mix. Then, there's the challenge of COVID-19. Shae and Sally made this video of tips to help you and your family through this time. Watch the video on YouTube here: If you have a tip the...
Resources for you and your family
Hi everyone, We've heard from a few parents that resources are really important to you and how you care for your kids and family. In addition to resources here on Canteen Connect for Parents, we've created booklets to help you and your family navigate A...
Having hope
Providing hope for parents whose children have cancer
Canteen's Reconciliation Action Plan
Hi Parents of Canteen! We're here to update you on an exciting development from our organisation - the launch of our very first Reconciliation Action Plan! You can take a look at it on our website here:...