When Father's Day is Tough


Hi Parenting Through Cancer community,

With Father’s Day this weekend we wanted to acknowledge the challenges this day can bring for many of our families. For some, it might be a reminder that your father is not physically present, although your bond with them continues always. It might be an opportunity to honour your father, or father figures, in a meaningful way to you.  For many, you might be supporting children through this day while also feeling your own grief. Whatever your situation, as this day approaches know that we, here at CanTeen, are thinking of you and sending our support to you this Father’s Day.

If you have children (aged 12-25) who might be interested in connecting with other young people who have lost their father’s and preparing for the day, they can register to join the ‘When Father’s Day is Tough’ Zoom event on Saturday 4th September through Canteen Connect:


If you are a parent who is anticipating this Father’s Day and looking for a few extra resources on how to prepare for this day, I hope the resources linked below will support you in this and provide you with the comfort that you are exactly what your children need during this time.