We forgot about us

When we are in the thick of being a parent and carer of someone with cancer, we forget about "ME"! We run in over drive, just trying to get through to day! I pushed through this burning the candle at both ends and eventually it got the better of me....husband finished treatment, we were just trying to find our new normal and then BANG...i fell apart, it was like i had been so wound up and then the elastic band broke and i cried and cried and cried! So off to the the counselor i went - I was trying to protect everyone, do everything, work full time and care for the kids and husband...there was no me time, i left that first appointment, with the homework to do something for myself! I went and got a massage, haircut, and wondered around the shops - not needing anything but it was just nice to be on my own not having to worry about anyone else! So my tip is...make sure you have "ME TIME" Do you have "ME TIME"? What do you do?