The Constant Changes of Family Life

As we all know, cancer changes everything. Young family members can often talk about feeling left out of decisions/discussions about what's going on while older siblings/kids talk about losing independence or feeling like their parents are being too overprotective. Siblings often talk about feeling left out, having to pick up more chores/responsibilities or trying hard to behave perfectly as to not stress anyone else out. But what about the people who care for them? What kind of challenges to you face as parents/carers? As people who have already had to adapt to the multi-faceted-role-life (cooks, delivery drivers, listeners, educators etc. etc. etc.... the list is endless) How do you communicate difficult information? Have you had to implement any exceptional boundaries or limits now that might not have been there before? And finally, how do you keep yourself present? It can often be difficult to be in the moment when our stress is so high, so how do you keep yourself grounded for those around you? Renae, Online Counsellor.