Share your triumphs: what went well/right/or at least better than expected :)

Hi all, I'm Cara, one of the counsellors here... I'm new to this online space, but have been at CanTeen for about 3 and a half years, running camps and events for young people and families. It's been such an honour to read your stories - Fairywren's latest blog post is sensational; and the Dumb Arse Things People Say thread is just awesome! There's so much knowledge here, between you all - so I was wondering, especially for all the newly diagnosed parents and partners who log in here every day... If you could share something you know you/your partner/kids/family did well, despite or because of your cancer journey? It can be big or small... maybe a new routine, a holiday, a conversation...? Something that made a difference, or a memory? [It's risky I know, lots of us feel a bit self-conscious about owning the good-stuff... but go on, you might just give someone a hint on where-to-next. Thanks for reading!] :)