National Families Week 15-21 May


Hi there all you wonderful parents,

We are currently in the middle of National Families Week so I wanted to give a shout out to all our amazing families here at Parenting Through Cancer. We know that parenting and family life is a pretty tough gig but it can be made even harder when cancer is in the mix. We are forever in awe at the strength, resilience and openness of the families we work with here at Canteen and Camp Quality and how dedicated our parents are at supporting their children (young and old) through some pretty dark days.

This years theme for Families Week is 'Stronger Families, Stronger Communities' which really acknowledges the important role families play as the building block of our communities and that community wellbeing is enhanced by family wellbeing. There is loads of information on the website but this link will take you to some resources & activities which may support your family to talk about what is important to them:

It would be great to hear from you all about what you love about your family if you have a moment spare to share...