My story and how CanTeen has helped

Hi, I’m a mother of two boys, 15 and 13 and a carer to my husband, their father who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer 3 years ago. A year ago we were told he was terminal with 12 to 24 mths to live....😩 With advice from CanTeen we sat the boys down and told them, it was the hardest conversation we have ever had and we had no idea what to say or how to say it. The boys had been through such a hard 2 years already! -how much do you tell them? -when do you tell them? -How do you move forward? All questions we asked... so to help you out this is what We did... I rang my sons CanTeen counsellor for advice...this made the process so much easier. We decided to tell the boys exactly what was going on (they are not silly and hear all the things you hope they don’t around the house!). We told them that life is now about making the best memories we can and we wrote a bucket list together with things we all wanted to do and 12 months later we have ticked off a lot of those things. But how things change... my husband got into a clinical trial and it has shrunk his brain tumour, his prognosis is now ominous (tricky word for we don’t friggin no!) so now a new challenge, yes he will be with us (hopefully forever) but we now have to work out our new normal, which is dealing with how life has changed for us all-he can’t work, I can’t work full time as he needs care, the money worries, the kids roller coaster emotions (puberty and cancer) and wanting to go places, juggling treatment and making sure your kids don’t miss out...each one of these can be it’s own post 😜 So in all we have been involved with CanTeen for 3 years and they have been a great support to our family, especially our boys. Now with this new parents portal I hope to be able share and help others going through what is such a hard and challenging time for us all. If you have any questions happy to try and help out through our experiences.