Holiday season is upon us - share your wisdom!


Holiday season is upon us! 

Typically, this year brings a lot of people a lot of joy, happiness, excitement, wonderful memories, and grateful spirit… which also translates to a whole lot of pressure to be happy when you’re dealing with the many impacts of cancer.

Here at Canteen, we acknowledge that this time can be tough on everyone impacted by cancer. It’s important that we take the time to care for ourselves and our children during this time and try not to have too many expectations on ourselves to be acting like everything is fine when it doesn’t feel fine at all. Connect with people in open and honest ways and reach out for the support when you need to.

 Do you have any words of wisdom that has helped get you and your family through the holiday period? We would love for you to share your tips and tricks to help others who might be going through their first holiday’s impacted by cancer.

We hope the holidays bring you and your family moments of connection, love and peacefulness whatever that might look like for you this year. – Canteen Counsellors