Happy International Women's Day!


As we celebrate International Women's Day and honour the women in our lives and the role women play in our homes, our communities, and in organisations we thought it would be lovely to share a Canteen article. Canteen has interviewed some of our young female Board Directors about what International Women's Day means to them, what progress they have seen, and what empowers them as a leader. You can read more here! https://www.canteen.org.au/about-us/news-reports/news/celebrating-international-womens-day

Today we celebrate the successes of women and girls, as well as acknowledge the struggles for equality that still impact many parts of our lives in different ways. This day also highlights the intersectionality of additional discrimination that women and girls may face due to racism, their sexuality, gender-identity, disability, nationality or other identities. If you are interested below is one of the poems written for this day around breaking the bias:

We see you. We acknowledge you. We value you.