Covid is not the only germ I’m fighting

When my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer 6 months ago, I went into germ lock down. Cleaning the house, asking all family to update vaccinations, “you want to visit? You will wash your hands!!” Then I thought it was pretty good of the whole country to jump on the Germaphobe bus with me when covid broke out. It was easier when everyone was washing their hands and we were not weird for wanting to stay away from people. But now that restrictions are lifting and the world is relaxing a little it is unveiling new comments when asking for distance or hand hygiene from visitors. “But there’s no new cases in Qld’, ‘I get asked to do weird things with this covid’, ‘I’m covid accredited, you don’t need to worry about me’. We have had visitors with hacking coughs have come to visit us, saying ‘don’t worry, I tested negative to covid’. Covid is just one of a long list of grimlies I am trying to avoid while my husband is having IV chemotherapy. But it feels like it’s the only one the world is interested in any more.